428 Engine Identification

428 Engine Identification

428 Identification (from Walt Boeninger, walt@chekov.mayfield.hp.com)

--------------------------------------------------------------------- 352-390-410-427-428 all have a "352" cast into the drivers side front of the cylinder block.

427's are easy to ID by the cross-bolted mains, and if there is a oil gallery rib just above the oil pan (forget which side) it's a side-oiler.

If the date code of the block is 1965 or earlier than it can't be a 428, it's a 390 or 352.

428's are externally balanced so the flywheel will have a balance counterweight on it. 390 and 352 are internally balanced, so you have to pull the pan to take a look at the crank, and while you're there you can measure the bore.

That ought to be enough to tell whether you're looking at a 428 or not If it's a 410-390-352, they're probably all the same value (410 may be more).

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