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  • Sacramento Stang ·
    Awesome thanks for checking out my post. Id like to see your car, build thread? I thought it would be cool to get all the fastbacks through all the years with a wim white paint scheme for pictures ....... maybe one of these days. The newer years would be more difficult to find
    Karmann ·
    Thank you for your offer. I buy all my stuff for the Mustang in US so I might take you up on that offer because some things are hard to find in the online stores
    NEFaurora ·
    Bill, I have not yet even opened the Firewall Pad box as I will not be able to get to work on the car until sometime next year. The box is still sealed and unopened just as you sent it. On the '65 Convertible dash, I have never seen/heard of a VIN# on a dash before 1968. I would very much like to see pics of it. Send pics of the dash to my e-mail at [email protected] and I'll tell you what I think of it. I'd really like to see it. Thanks, Tony K.

    Hey Tony, Bill here, I sold you the firewall pad some time ago and was wondering if you ever got it installed? The other reason I am contacting you is to see if you may have some knowledge of a ford mustang vin with a dash in it? The vin is 5R08A13-576. It is a 65 convertible. I thought I read something on this some time ago but cannot access at this time. The car is for sale and do not want to miss out on a good thing so any info would be appreciated. Thanks Bill (2+2=GT350)
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