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  • 68aquacruiser ·

    Seems many folks ask advice from you and you've helped me a few times as well. I need to replace the windlace on the A-pillars of my 68 convertible that is Aqua with the 2 tone standard interior. The windlace color seems to be dark green but I cannot find that anywhere, only dark blue. Is it indeed dark blue or other?

    Gary66mhtc ·
    Got the engine running great! No antifreeze leaks. Problem was intake manifold gasket under spacer leaking profusely, so I removed spacer and installed Edelbrock 3/8" fiber gasket. Modified pcv hose straight to carb(Holley 600). Took wife and kids around the block a couple of times and smiles all around! Thanks.
    MrRon1 ·
    Another ? 1965 K code rank 9 put of 10, not the original motor, not sure about trans, he said it was a Top loader, Silver Smoke grey Metallic,4 speed 350 rear, said it was restored in 93 and been inside a heated and cool building, suppose 2 owner of 30 years. What value u think since its missing the most important pieces? Said rust free
    droptop119 ·
    Hi, I saw one of your posts where you had replaced the side cowl panels on your car. Would you mind sharing info on what brand did you use? any fitment issues? Any advise in removing the old ones would really help me out.
    Thanks droptop119 (Ed)
    Blues Power ·
    HI Dave

    need some tips, trick and advise on replacing the rag joint in my 70 fixed columb.

    My battle plan is to attack it from the top.

    I heard horros stories on the pitch bolt.
    there is no mention of anything in the shop manual on the rag joint

    from what i read on the net i have to pull the steering columb back about 2 inches.

    I never dealt with that before but then again looks like a few bolts in the two plate and a 6 bolt bracket under the dash about mid way up that just need to loosened up about half way?

    Is the steering box shaft notched or indexed if not how do I realign the new coupler?

    will the steering columb just slide right back down into place?

    also I can either rebuild the original joint with the 'Help" kit or i see scott drake has a repop
    for about $40 what do you recommend on that

    Im mechanically inclined and cant see this taking more than 2 hours or so any advise you can give me is greatly appreciated.


    stangrestorer ·
    Sorry for the delay in reply... I don't get out here as much as I used to.... looks like any o.e. pigtail less the grom location... it is 19" long +/- The aftermarket pig tails only have 1 grommet where it comes out of the housing
    stangrestorer ·
    Hello... I have read several of your post over the years and found you a very knowledgeable about these beloved Mustangs.. Thanks for sharing that info..... that said I have a question...

    I have what I believe to be 2 original fog lite pig tails from either a 65 66 or 67 has the 2 bullet ends to harness...thinking 65 ..

    The thing that I am interested in is that the grommet locations... they are molded to the rubber sleeve.. The one is where you would expect it to be at the housing... the second one is about 1.25 inches away from the one that comes out of the housing... I have always seen the other grommet closer to the end that goes through the core support... I don't think it is stuck it appears to made or glued in place... Just wondering if you had ever seen this... I can send a pic to an email ... pain in the a** on here...
    Mustangerbob1 ·
    I am trying to identify some, I believe, radiator support brackets. They have a C8 rubber "cradle". I believe one is a 1971. Can I send you a picture of them? I cannot figure out how to send a picture this way, but I can send them via email. My email is [email protected] Thanks Bob
    joespony67 ·
    Hey Dave: Gimpy here. I hsd to make an ID change due to new VMF site updates.
    Anyway: Is Mustang Barn in same location?
    Happy New Yr.
    Joe B.
    22GT ·
    Neither. The hot water comes out the top of the intake manifold. Somewhere in that hose is best. A fitting with integral valve on the intake manifold would be ideal.
    22GT ·
    Glad to be of help. If it matters, no Corvette ever left the factory without a heater shutoff valve in the hose.
    22GT ·
    Guilty as charged. This experiment was done years ago after a heated debate whether tuning the heater on full blast was more effective than installing a heater shutoff valve to close off the heater, forcing the coolant to pass through the radiator. Seems pretty conclusive.
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