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  • curt459 ·
    Hi Steve, I hope all is well. I tried to send this message last week, but for some reason I don't think it went through.

    I guess your son is graduated from OSU now? My olderst graduated from OSU last spring ('16) and my youngest will start his sophomore year there in the Biomedical Engineering department this fall.

    I am looking for a set of 67 front brake brackets where the hard line meets the flex line coming from the calipers. Our car is a 68 but the spindles and disc brakes/calipers are 67 (i.e., sitting at the front of the rotor and using the soft lines that do not have the integral bracket on them that bolts to the frame rail)

    Let me know if you have any or have access to any please.

    Are you coming to Good Guys this week in Columbus?
    curt459 ·
    Hi Steve.

    Been a long time, hope you are well.

    I guess your son has graduated from OSU? My oldest transferred there his sophomore year and graduated last spring. My youngest will start his sophomore year at OSU in the biomedical engineering dept. this fall. Time flies.

    Was wondering if you have access to a pair of the front brake line brackets for a 67 that bolt to the frame rail where the hard line meets the flex line that goes to the disc calipers?

    Long story short, my 68 has 67 spindles and disc calipers, so the 68 line with the built-in bracket will not fit. And since it is a 68 it does not have the brackets needed for the hard line/flex line hookup at the frame rail. (Are 65-66 similar in form and placement?).

    Hope this makes sense.

    Are you coming up to Goodguys next week/weekend?


    McRider ·
    I am interested in buying a 69 crankshaft pulley from you. I have no power accessories, only the alternator.
    ohiorebel12 ·
    Hi, thanks for the info about Starks in Dayton, I'll check them out soon. I see you are from the CVG area. I was wondering if I could tape you for some information concerning my 1966 GT Coupe. I have about 5-6 issues concerning the engine and body.
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