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  • 66coupe289 ·

    Sorry, I have not had it dyno'd. It's a mid to low 14 second car as it sits. It should be down to 14 flat when I get around to putting the AFR heads on it that I have on the shelf. I would guess it is a bit shy of 300 at the wheels.

    Horsepower is only one side of the equation. Torque is really what you feel in the seat of the pants. Don't go too crazy with a high lift /duration cam or too big of valves unless you have the rear end gears and transmission to get you to a high RPM power band.


    tbrooks ·
    How much horsepower have you got? I'm looking to mod the 289 in my 66 coupe hoping to get 300 hp at the rear wheels. The guy I have been talking to at the machine shop told me it is do-able, but he doesn't want to do the research / leg work. Mine also came from the factory as a I6 with 3 speed standard. When I got it it was a 302 with 3 speed standard. I put the 289 in it, and changed over to a C4. I'm tired of shifting gears.

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