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  • lotuskarlo ·
    Hi John,
    I ran across your name while searching for info on relocating my seat rearward.
    If possible, I would like a copy of your word document on this modification.
    Karl Schick
    Email to: [email protected]
    MARKNE ·
    I built some of those myself over two years ago. No welding required and no special materials (I used aluminum angle for the adapters). Relocated the seat rearward 2 1/2". I have a Word document that shows you how to make them. Email me at [email protected] if you want a copy.

    Can you email me the WORD document to:

    [email protected]


    RCantu01 ·
    Hi, John - saw the snapshot of your CJ in the August issue of Modified Mustangs and Fords. It's looking great, man!
    Copperace ·
    Mr. Bednorz,
    Were you ever part of the COM Outdoor club? Just wondering if you are a guy that used to go canoeing with that group.
    valveguyone ·
    I have a Q Code 351C-4V totally rebuilt with Edelbrock Cam, manifold, new rods & lifters & springs and roler rockers. It's got the 4-Bolt mains.
    Its in a '73 Convertible. How much do u think i can get? Ball-park?
    elizabeth68 ·
    Hey saw your posts on the 68 CJ hood scoops. Question, I have just a normal 68 mustang. I wanna put a hood scoop on it and really dig the 68 Cobra Jet hood scoop. Do u know were I can get one? And from what I recall you said the mach 1 hood scoop wont fit my car. Thanks
    dalorzof ·

    Saw your post on the big block rad supports. Yes, the repros are crap, not even close...

    In any case I have been looking for some for my 68 S code. Did you just find yours from an individual or a vendor? I've been looking for a while and can't seem to find any... if you had a source it would be very helpful...


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