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  • sprintgeek ·
    Just dropping a line. I have purchased Mustang parts and accessories from several vendors. I can think of 5 off hand, including NPD.

    You guys were great, and easy to work with.

    Ralf ·
    Since I did not hear how NPD to proceed on the radiator isssue in line with the 67 rocker molding panels could you give me a feedback pls.

    Thx Ralf
    Roddster ·
    Just replying to you posting about car shows. Seems the MCA can't or doesn't look into "Gee, where did all the 60's Shelby's disappear too"? I watch in Mustang Times and, unless you have a pro-done restoration leaning heavily on a certain judge's input, you get sunk. So, even though my 67 GT 350 has earned 7 points toward a grill emblem, I have got zero since 2010. I get it, I am not wanted in this class. So, I don't need to bring it anymore. Last show? Columbus, 2015. Not even a Bronze.....
    Rod T
    69bossnine ·
    Possible? Yes. Soon? No. We do not have any research in-progress, and a new catalog/parts-line typically takes at least 18-24 months to develop/launch....
    69bossnine ·
    Total cost for all four hinges would be $267.40. Shipping would be $26.74. We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $300, so if you were to have a few more things that you would need (mounting kit for the hinges, or anything else) they would literally pay for themselves. Please call us toll-free 1-800-874-7595 for a complete quote, and to work out a final order that best takes advantage of our $300 free shipping.

    Fastang68 ·
    Looking to buy all the hinges or a complete kit for a 68 Mustang what would the cost be for shipping purposes I'm in Texas 78410.
    69bossnine ·
    Paul, we have a full-service counter and an enormous in-stock inventory here in Ocala. The building is 360,000 sq feet, and it's full. We don't have a way for you to order online, and have it set-aside for pick-up. So call the Florida store direct once you're ready, 1-800-874-7595. If you are buying a sizable amount of truck-freight items, it will indeed save you money to come take it over the counter, and you'll get to see/inspect what you're buying prior to paying for it.

    cooldad67 ·
    I do have a quick question for you, Rick. As I'm looking at parts and notice that some of the parts (e.g., quarter panels) require truck shipping, I was wondering if it may be a smarter option for me to just drive over to Ocala and pick up the parts to save on the freight / shipping cost. Ocala is about an 8 hr drive from me in Slidell, LA.

    I'm a bit away from being ready to order the parts; but was wondering. Does NPD allow phone in or internet orders where I could have the parts pre-pulled and waiting for me to pick up at the Ocala location?

    One of the reasons I was thinking of this is that I could do this while taking a weekend trip to the area anyway (camping).

    cooldad67 ·

    Your replies in the "price matching" thread were excellent. I'm fairly new to any serious restoration since I haven't ordered restoration parts in any significant quantity over the years; however, you've given me a very healthy respect for NPD and your business model.

    I'm certain that I will be using you as one of my primary sources during the restorations of my '66 and my '72.

    drummingrocks ·

    I need to order some pinch-on windlace for a '67 I'm working on. I saw in the catalog that NPD sells it by the foot, and that you're supposed to enter the length you want when you place the order. I tried doing this online, but never could get it to work on the NPD website. When doing a web order, where are you supposed to specify the length?

    Fly2xs ·

    I purchased thetop of the line woodgrain steering wheel from NPD. In assemblying the wheel, I do not understand how the plastic pieces are supposed to be installed per a Ford parts pic. From what I see looking at the plastic pieces 6 ea, 3 fit onto the inner ring prons and 3 ea. fit on the outter ring prongs. The Ford parts drawing, makes it look like the plastic pieces do not fit onto the prongs, but fit against the prongs. Which is correct? I am having a tough time getting the proper spacing between the 2 rings so my horn is not blowing all the time.
    Harleyjoe43 ·
    Regarding the Silver Springs show....I want to try out the "cruise" on Fri. Do I register for the show then or register on Sat. before the event ? Thanks, Joe Q.
    69bossnine ·
    Sorry for the delayed reply, I was on vacation. The correct color is our # AP-GPA Medium Charcoal Metallic. The top edge of the moldings are NOT supposed to be bare. You should spray the entire molding. So your moldings are currently painted correctly, although I can't speak to whether they were sprayed in the correct color.

    The correct clips for the letter come with our Scott Drake repro letters, but we don't have the clips seperately. Perhaps an email to Drake could glean a Ford standard part # or industry #. It's just a little 5/16" - 9/16" press-on clip.

    There is only Ford one drawing I know of that shows fastener locations and fastener types for the moldings themselves. We have a Ford Text & Illustration manual on CD, L-TI-6572.

    Hope this helps!!
    doubletrouble ·

    You've helped me out a few years back when I was restoring my son's 66 coupe. I have another question for you with regards to my 70 Mach 1. I researched some posts on this subject and saw your responses though they are a few years back. I am looking at my rocker moldings (they are in good shape) and need to repaint them. Which dark argent paint should I purchase (if that is still the correct paint) and are the moldings top surface bare with the paint recessed as on the "MACH 1" lettering? My current moldings were obviously painted and they are completely painted and I don't think that is correct. I am going to replace "MACH 1" lettering and I have had trouble finding the proper fasteners that go behind the molding. Do you know where we might obtain those fasteners? I am still trying to figure out how to disassemble and reassemble these things as I haven't found a good drawing or instructions on how this is done.

    6T9 Mach ·

    I've got a 1969 Mach1 that needs a tail light panel replaced. I've read a few of your posts about repro sheet metal and had a question. Has NPD received any feedback on the tail light panel "improved repro OS", on page 219 of the 2012 catalog, as far as fit goes?


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