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  • Mike_Senar ·
    Hello from San Diego,
    Are you sure you will not ship that hood? It is as correct for my CJ Mach-1. 5th week 1969 is perfect for my car!!! Greyhound under the bus wrapped up in cardboard?!! [email protected] dot com
    stingrayx2 ·
    Hello again - I'm the guy installing a factory speed control system in my 1969 Mustang. Can you tell me where the wiring harness passes through the firewall. Any pics would help much. Thanks - John
    69gtconv ·
    If originality is important to you, I believe you should go with just the one mirror. On rarer cars, I believe originality is important.
    russia2g ·
    Hey I have noticed a few years back you where talking about a 1969 mustang with just one rear view mirror on the drivers side my car wich I recently bought has the same just one rear view mirror. I want to fix it up but I want to know if I should keep the just one mirror on
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