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  • Aaron ·
    Hi Slim, I don't know that it isn't just a collapsed lifter. I might just remove the intake manifold, replace the lifter and be off and running. Here's the interesting part; this engine was rebuilt four years ago and has only about 400 miles on it since then. I can say for certain that the cylinder #2 spark plug hasn't seen a single combustion cycle since it was installed, this engine's been running on 7 of 8 for a long time and the previous owner had no idea! I also have a record of a head gasket replacement from a shop this past August where they noted "replaced blown head gasket in #2 cylinder due to overheating". How could a shop not notice that the #2 cylinder wasn't even firing?

    So there are some unanswered questions that have led my friend to say, let's just pull that engine and go through it and confirm everything is as it should be.

    Thanks for the interest, I'll keep the forum up to date when I start disassembly.
    slim ·
    Aaron. One engineer to another. Have you and or your engine builder friend checked/confirmed that the engine doesn't have a collapsed hydraulic lifter? Guess it an insulting question. You said it was confirmed "a blown" cam lobe with the valve cover removed. If the rocker and pushrod wasn't moving my first thought would be collapsed lifter. Hard to believe the cam lobe would be almost gone on a single lobe!
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