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  • sr351 ·
    My name is Josh Butler, I am building a 351w with z304da heads for my mustang. I came across your for sale post and need the lifters, pushrods and possibly the studs, if you still have them.

    Josh Butler
    cell: 501-276-6706
    Centerton, Arkansas
    app01 ·
    If you want pics of my 69 unrestored, go on my web site here and clock on the green 69 for more pics.
    My Classic cars-Palmieri Concepts
    app01 ·
    Hi Bill,

    I will look this weekend and see what I can find. Sometimes with an original car the is so old, it is hard to determine the original finish, but it is usually easy to determine if it was natural of painted.

    Do you have the MCA 69-70 judging rules? There is lots of helpful stuff in there along with the AMK fastener guide which is "usually" accurate.

    BillEBobb ·
    Hey! (Don't know your name) Thanks for your reply regarding the "natural" clips! Can you PLEASE identify any other "natural" hardware that's visible between the radiator and the grill? With a car that's NOT original I kind of fly by the seat of my pants some times.

    Again, thanks! Bill Robinson, Albuquerque NM
    app01 ·
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