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  • blkfrd ·
    Sorry for taking so long to reply. The seats are TCI pony black and white. Black and white was not a option by ford, but TCI makes them or at least they did when I bought them about 10 years ago
    Uncle Buck's 68 ·
    The seats in your mustang look awesome.........I'm looking at getting black with charcoal inserts for my you have any more pictures and or some that include the back seat.........Also what material did they use.
    blkfrd ·
    I used a air compressor and die grinder. Football shaped bit and square with rounded end bit were used. An electric die grinder will work...I used a dremel years ago to port a set of 390 GT heads. It will take longer though.
    Spike0341 ·
    Hi, My name is John and I just had a couple questions for you. I just read your head porting post and I was wondering what tool you used, was it pneumatic or electric. I want to port the set of DOOE heads I have but I don't have a compressor, was hoping to do it with an electric die grinder. I appreciate the help.
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