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  • Wsmatau ·
    Looking for Shops:

    I am considering re-painting my Shelby clone while I live in Ohio (Dayton). Do you have a recommendation or experience with any shops within a 3 hr drive? The car is a nice driver that was repainted 5-6 years ago with a guy who didn't earn his money. I don't want to change color or panels, but would like a full break down/fit/paint by a shop without breaking the bank. Assuming they don't run into unknown rust issues, I'd like to get it done for $10-15k, by a reputable restoration shop.

    Do you know of any in our area? I'll be moving back to DC in a couple years and I don't even want to think about what I'll get charged in that area.
    Rallystang ·
    I've never been on as blog before...... Excuse my ignorance. I have a '64 convertible that I've altered a bit... 289 bored to 305, 3/4 cam, windsor ported heads, shaved block, pistons, top loader 4 speed, 3" driveling, 350 9" rear end. Interior has Volvo heated bucket seats, remote control aero dynamic mirrors, rearing mustang etched wing windows and a liner in the top. It's pushing about 400 hp, I've been told. I would like to put a Ecostar twin turbo 2.7 v-6 in it. Will it fit OK? Do I have room for it? Has anybody tried this? I own a '15 Lariat with the Eco 350, but I thought the 2.7 Eco had more pep. I'm dying to put one in this custom mustang! Lemme know any info you have....! Thanks, Ernie
    kjodienda ·
    Newbie's first post. I have an opportunity to acquire a 347 stroker; approximately 4 years old - never started - still in it's assembly lube. As far as a I know it's a "typical build" -Victor Jr., roller everything, forged pistons and I-beam rods, balanced iron crank. Not so typical are the electric water pump and timing "gears" in lieu of chain. Can you tell me if this is a good platform to eventually toss into a '66 fastback? I don't have anything purchased yet, and I want to know the approximate $$ value as well as the HP/torque of this setup. I have an opportunity to do some trade to bring down the price to an approximate $2-3K. It's been awhile since I venture into anything approaching the complexity of this undertaking. I figure, if I buy the engine, I'm in it now...Thanks in advance...
    Als69GTA ·
    Are your photo's somewhere that I can see them in large format. I love the look of the bottom of the car. I can't decide what color to paint my underbody. I like the look of the gray and I saw one that had a brighter red primer look as well.

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