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  • Turnall ·
    I got the same clamps and yes, they are junk. I'll get you a picture but you won't have any vacuum there at idle. You get vacuum at that port once the throttle blades are opened up. That is called ported vacuum. Manifold vacuum is constant (on the back side of the intake manifold).

    Hope this helps.

    Target ·
    Hey Brian! Have you had a chance to check the recent welding progress? Looks like one more day of metalwork plus a day to install subframe connectors and then it's all down to paint prep!
    PrecisionTrans ·

    Nice to hear from you.

    Sorry, I just noticed your message. You obviously didn't get stuck behind any of our local drivers, if you enjoyed your trip that much.

    What can you tell me about the Atlantic Nationals?

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