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  • amackenz ·

    I saw your post about restoration services and wanted to inquire further.
    I live in the metro Detroit area, and am in mid-restoration on my mustang.
    My thought is to continue to work on it until Winter and then turn it over to a shop to continue the work.

    If your shop has availability this winter, I'd be interested in talking further.

    Thank you

    PonymanB ·
    In January of 2004, you had a thread about the 1967 convenience light set up and a member named "Stangnutfbmach" offered to fax you the wiring diagram. Do you still have that wiring diagram available? I'd really appreciate it, if you had it still, could I get a copy of it? I'm in the same boat. I've got most of the parts, but am still looking for some of it. Once I have everything, I'm going to install it. I'm still looking for a low fuel sending unit for the gas tank, plus some of the relays. Any help would be appreciated. I've not much money, so I have to really shop for what I need. Also, do you know anyone on the forum that might have an idea of everything that's needed for the sequential taillights for a GT/CS? Thanks for your time, Robert "PonymanB".
    Fat Jimmy ·
    I was looking at one of your post that included a picture what appears to be a 68 FB alcapulco Blue with Torque thrust D's.... I was wondering if you could email me a better pic. I have a 68 coupe,,, same color,, I am looking at putting the same wheels on.. What size do you have and how do you have your suspension set up. I am looking to put new springs on very soon.. Thank you, Jimmy
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