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  • Flade ·
    Hi Dan, I have a couple questions for you regarding the power steering pump on my 68.

    How do you tell the difference between an Eaton Pump and a Thompson pump? I understand the Eatons were painted black and the Thompsons had the Blue/teal paint. Is this correct?

    On a 68 V8 289/302 should the hose support bracket on the back of the pump be at the top or the bottom of the pump? Mine is at the top, but the pics I have seen and the assembly manual show it at the bottom of the pump. Is mine for a different year or engine?

    Thanks David
    Fastang68 ·
    Hello Chock,
    My power steering is hard to turn wheels unless I rev it up, Feels like it needs more pressure? Suggestions? I'm using using Type F.
    ldorris ·
    Howdy... I was referred to you while asking some questions on steering boxes. I have an early '67 long shaft that I believe has gone south on me. Tag is SMB H 7E05B. Do you by chance have any for sale that would replace mine? Is there an easy-ish way to upgrade to a 16:1 ratio box? I have done the EPAS mod, so my input shaft will be cut and modified... thought about getting a '68 box with rag joints. Would have to find a shaft that I could marry to my EPAS I suppose.
    FEdriver ·
    Do you happen to have a picture of the mounting plate you talk about below? I am about to get into this project and will end up with a Bendix unit so I would really like to see what this plate looks like.

    If you do decide to get a bendix, make sure the rear mounting plate is included. These are offered both way, No Plate (cheaper), and with a Tack welded on plate.

    A Bendix booster without the plate is a door stop.
    Flade ·

    Will you be around tomorrow (Weds 3 Aug) afternoon? I have a used steering box I picked up for my 66 coupe. I've torn it down and cleaned it, but would appreciate you looking at it and telling what parts need to be replaced. I'll be flying into ST Louis about 12:30 and have the afternoon free, so I can drive up to your place if you'll be home.

    David Corkum
    stangtim22 ·

    Would you happen to know why fluid would be coming out of the filler neck/cap on my PS pump? It happens every now and then, but a couple of the guys here said you were the expert and could help. It is the stock PS setup, if that helps. Thanks!

    sixtyfourandahalfcoupe ·
    Good afternoon I have just switched out my tie rods and noticed that my inner tie rod on the drive side is touching my power steering hoses. The car doesn't have upper control arms yet I'm not sure if that's the issue or not. Here is a picture and help would be greatly appreciated.
    66signalflare ·
    Hi Dan. I thought I would go PM with this. (I think that the pump I bought on eBay this week may be one that you also bid on). What I am thinking of doing is keeping the innards of my current later style pump and just using the housing of the ebay pump if that is even possible. That is really my question. Do you sell the mounting brackets? Thanks, Mike
    ruger ·
    Hi Dan, I just purchased a power steering cylinder from your ebay sales.
    Hoping to get it shipped asap. I was hoping to get it by Saturday but I couldn't get online until now. Thanks Tim (ruger)
    My65Fastback ·
    I was looking at installing a power rack and pinion from randals in my 65 mustang but after reading through various forums have read that a rack and pinion is an overkill.
    Are you please able to inform me of the complete cost to convert a 65 V8 fastback from a manual setup to a power setup (i would prefer the quicker ratio box). Also will the factory power setup work with a cobra oil pan if not do you know any applications that work with the cobra pan?

    Kent Wheeler
    [email protected]
    subpar63 ·
    Hi Dan,

    Wanted to make sure you received the return core parts, ram cylinder and control along with the PS pump you sent (was wrong type) and also my PS pump. Should have been delivered to you on Tuesday last week. We were hit with an ice storm and snow storm and have been without power from Tuesday until Friday night. Been helping clean up neighborhood with all down trees/limbs etc so haven't had a chance to make sure you received.

    Wondering if you have sent the correct style PS pump or will be rebuilding mine and then sending?

    Let me know when you have a chance and thanks again for you help.

    John Goettsch
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Flade ·

    Just wanted to confirm that a set of 70 Torino spindles and brakes will fit fine on my 68 Mustang? I believe all I need to do is use the 70 mustang outer tie rods with the bigger pins, is this correct?

    On a separate topic, how much do you charge to rebuilt steering boxes? Am I correct to assume the 66 6 cyl and V8 power steering boxes are the same?


    Dave Corkum
    Rsskier ·
    Hi Dan, I have a 68 Mustang Convert 390FE that is currently manual steering. Can you let me know the price of your power steering kit for a car with an FE motor? I would need a complete kit including the pump and FE pump mounts if you have them. The box is the original box for a power steering car, so that won't need replacement, but everything else that was original is gone. Also I am running Hooker headers and TCP motor mounts, so I don't know if different parts are required because of these modifications. ANy help you can offer would be great!! Thanks, Ray Sweeney [email protected]
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