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  • david1032 ·
    Hey there,

    I copied a post of yours below from the Global West Suspension Thread and I have a question I was hoping you could answer for me. I have a 67 fb with 351w and I'm looking to upgrade to a front coilover suspension and new leaf springs. I've been reading for weeks and watching videos and I cant wrap my head around going with OT, GW or SoT products. I noticed that you selected different pieces from each of them. Would you be so kind to let me know how and why you made the decisions you made? It would go a long ways in helping me make an informed purchase - Thanks David

    Ditto the OP's comments. I installed the GW +3 front suspension in my ’68 390 along with Open Tracker's 1⅛" sway bar and spring perch. The rear got GW's bushing kit with Open Tracker’s 4½ leaf springs. Plus GW's sub-frame connectors and Bilsteins from SoT. It was a real improvement in both ride and handling.
    CJM68GT390 · ·
    Did I reply to your question? If not, do you still want a response? Hope your build is going well.
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