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  • Kristang1966 ·
    Hi Coleman,

    I am looking for information on how to shave the bumper bolts on my 66 Mustang. I see you have done this and would like to know the procedure or who you had do this for you.


    dave6 ·
    care to talk about your mod swap into the 65? i'm about to put a 5.4 in a 65. would be great to hear what you've been through.

    i'm in plano.

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    stang66swt ·
    I have a similar set up on my 65 'vert with the Unisteer rack and CPP kit. I also bought the Ford Racing 306 crate (your first motor I believe) mated to a WC T5. None of the engine or tranny is in yet but the suspension (minus springs), CSRP Brakes, and CPP kit are. My question is about the Hooker headers you chose. I figured that would be a good start since you didn't seem to have any fitment issues. I also have the Ron Morris adjustable motor mounts but am running the stock column modified to fit the U-joints for the Unisteer rack. Are you still happy with your Hookers and can you direct me to apart number?

    66resto ·
    Coleman, I was hoping you might be able to help me out even though my car is an automatic. I am wanting to incorporate a different gear selector for my '66 coupe with something like this (link to my thread on VMF). I am not sure if you can mix and match gear selectors from other cars (acura,etc.) but that would open my options up and I would like to move it further back and have a custom console to tie it all in together. Thanks for any insight you my impart. Jay
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