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  • jakeinarkansas ·
    I have a very similar in color 68 coupe 289. I'm about to purchase tires very similar to yours, American Racing 17inch. Something like the link. I like the way yours sits, looks perfect. Did you have to modify anything to make them fit and steer correctly? Price seems right, but don't know how much, if even needed, to mod and what mods are needed? I'm a new mustang owner, so unfortunately I don't know enough on tires and wheels.[/url]

    tbutt130 ·
    I was looking at an EFI post and saw you used the Spectra Classic Fuel injection tank. I am about to put EFI on my 69. How do you like that tank/electric pump set-up? I was all set on putting one of those Tanks inc pumps in my existing tank when I came across this one and it sure looks easier to install with the added benefit of no fuel lines in the trunk. Any feedback you can provide would be appreciated.

    67LSL ·
    Thanks for the reply. Once we get the engine installed we'll close the hood over the intake, see how much room we have, and go from there. It's surprisingly hard to find details about air cleaner fitment using a Victor Jr intake! Lol
    67LSL ·
    Hi coolblue65,
    I saw a recent post where you said you had the FiTech injection on a Victor Jr intake. I'm about to install an engine in a '67 coupe with the same induction setup. I've ordered motor mounts with a 1/2" drop. With the motor dropped 1/2" do you think I will be able to cram a factory air cleaner under the hood? What air cleaner are you using?

    Thanks in advance for the reply. More details about my car can be found at:
    Honolulu Ford ·
    In my 66' using with a Tremec 3550 with a mount specific for this no mod was necessary. However this particular mount (no longer sure of manufacturer) the transmission (at the crossmember) is dropped about 1". I later cut the top section of the factory brace above the trans and reinforced with steel bar stock gaining clearance. I then put a 1" aluminum spacer on the trans mount pad raising it to the factory position. It is tight in the tunnel but the trans does not touch the tunnel.

    stankycat ·
    I was reading over some old posts, and read that you have a 347 with a tremec installed in a 65/6 mustang. You were saying that no modification was done. I am doing the same thing, and I just installed the transmission up in the tunnel, and I have lots of issues. Are you saying that there is no modification is needed? Any insight would be helpful.
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