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  • OxfordPappy ·
    Hello dodgestang. I am very interested in your barn and was wondering if you could tell me a little about it? I found it on the interne when searching for pole barn designs. Yours I really really like. Was it a kit? What company supplied it? Did you design it yourself? What state is it located in? etc, etc??

    I would really appreciate some of your time on this subject. I am in the market for a barn now and was undecided until I saw yours.

    Also, I am new to this site and not exactly sure how to go about conversing on here. my email is [email protected]

    Thanks in advance
    Silver-Fox ·
    I must be blind or just old......looking for wheel tire chart.

    69 Mustang coupe with 13" Baer brakes front 12" rear and Global West coilover front suspension.

    Looking at 17 x 8 all around or 18"......need min 17 to clear calibers. Baer won't say what fits but gave me a very confusing diagram.

    I like certain versions of the Eleanor wheel.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    vozaday ·
    Greetings, I just wanted to add to your chart for the 71-71 mustangs. I put some 17x8 with 1mm (4.5" BS) offset and 17x7 1mm (4" BS) offset rims on. The front has 225/50/17 and rear has 255/45/17. Zero rubbing and I have not rolled the fenders. Stock suspension for now, although I'm going to be a 1" drop since it raised the vehicle 1". Lots of room for larger rims and tires.

    Mnlabgeek ·
    Hey Dodgestang. Could you take a picture of the MB Old School Chrome wheels from straight on? I quoted the 17s with Discount Tire and ready to buy but wanted a final look of the wheel on a car but all pictures online are from an angle. If easier to text, my cell is 612-810-5575. You rock!
    US.CavScout ·
    Hi Dodgestang, I've been looking all over for an answer, please help. I want to know what backspacing I would need to fit Weld Prostar 15x10 295/50 on the rear of my 66 Coupe. I do not mind them sticking out a bit. I have Granada spindles with disc brakes. I see you get these questions a lot. Your input is greatly appreciated.
    chuck m ·
    Hello Dodgestang, I have been doing many searches today and I see that yo have a great looking combo and seem to know your stuff. I have a question for you..
    I have a 65 fastback with Vintage Wheel Works V45 16x7 all the way around, the fronts are 225/50/16 and the rears are 245/50/16, all with the stock offset of 3.75 inches. I have 1.5 inches total to the leaf spring. I was wanting to run the same wheel in a 17x8 or maybe even a 17x9 with a 275/40/17 nitto tire, non drag radial. I believe this tire would work fine on the 8 inch as I like the tire bulge look with a 4.75 backspace available. I have a stock 8 inch rear and springs, no fender lip rolling. My main concern is the way the sidewall heights will look from the side of the car. The the overall height diff between the rears is close at 25.6 vs 25.5 so my car should keep the overall stance. The sidewall height is 4.4 for the 225/50/16 and the sidewall height for the 275/40/17 is 4.25.
    What do you think!?????
    JB374 ·
    Hey Dodgestang, I've looked over your wheel firmest chart for 67-68 Mustang. On line 51 it shows 17x9 wheels with a 5.5 back spacing all around. Will that work? That's, Josh.
    Horsehead ·
    Hello there NICK, maybe because I'm old (or at least older) and was never into the star wars thing help me understand your post on the Eleanor poll thread and ask what is a Thread vader (and be known as). Zombie Thread? Being started about 2 months ago was it that old to fall in that category. Can say I hope it does die off though..LOL. Wish i never would of started the poll and can tell your not thinking much of it either. Don't want to cause conflict on here between member's and seems this poll has done that more than most. If you want to close it that's fine and wish you would. I know, i should of put a ending date on it myself........JIM
    Horsehead ·
    You posted '' go figure'' to my test post I tried to delete. Go figure what? Is there a way to delete the post you know of? HORSEHEAD
    Mach1Don ·
    So Nick, did Mini-feed get rained out?--I wondered what you guys would do in the rain--It should would make it easier to break traction on your driveway and get'em spinning--LOL
    He Man ·
    Hi Dodgestang,

    I need your advice again. If I have a set of 17x8 with 4.5 backspacing, what size tires should I use without having rubbing the wheel wells, or having fender rolled? I'm thinking about having 225/45/17 for the front tires, and 245/45/17 for the rear tires, but I'm not so sure about it. BTW, my car has Shelby drop, Maier Racing 600 Front Coil Springs, and Maier Racing 165 Race Special Leaf Springs, 1.25" Drop on the rear.

    Thanks Dodgestang, you advice is greatly appreciated.
    He Man ·
    Hi Dodgestang,
    I took your advice that I found on the forum, and I called to order set of new TT II wheels which are 17" x 8" with 4.75" backspacing for my 66 fast back. A sale person asked me bout the offset and center bore diameter, and I have no clue about them. Please help me. Any advice and suggestion from you is greatly appreciated. BTW, I hope the wheels will fit my car, and I don't have to have the fender rolled.
    dodgestang ·
    It is a 'hot street performance' setting. You will wear the inside edge a little faster than the outside edge for the tire. With that said I've put 10k on tires like that and never noticed uneven wear.
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