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  • scootr117 ·
    Good news.. I finally found a set of the green Pony Floor mats. Even better is the supplier had two sets in stock... I just paid for mine.
    Call Tony Branda Cobra Mustang parts if you're interested
    Mach1 Driver ·
    Hi, sounds like we might live relatively close to one another- I live in Power Springs, which is about 45 minutes north west of Atlanta. Just saying hi.
    69mach351W ·
    Hey Bro, been a while but I'm back on. Disregard that friend invite for priceless.
    Man, I forgot my pw for 69mach351w after several tries to try a new one, so I created an acct for priceless.
    Dude, I went back and tried again to change my pw for 69mach351w and LOL, finally got it. They've made it tough to reset a pw. but I got it:)
    Titus_RacerX ·
    Thanks for the offer! Perhaps someone closer will step up. When (and if) I finish this car, we can go for a N. GA cruise.
    4280 ·
    I found all 4 glue on door braces with no glass. so I can ask less since I do not have to try to take the glass out. How about $60.00 mailing included. Do you still need a pair?

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