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  • Thardyrn ·
    I'm new here and not sure where to post a ? But here goes I have a 1993 mustang and I want to put in a new steering wheel ! Do I need to buy a 1993 steering wheel or are they all interchangeable ? Thanks ! I appreciate any help or advice anyone has
    Thanks T
    Dremel ·
    Would you believe that I have the same question as Horsehead.
    Great color. Would you mind giving the brand and code?
    Horsehead ·
    Hello there, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind telling me the color code (if you know it) on your mustang? It is beautiful. I have a 70 FB i painted last year a 2006 Mitsubishi color close to that, it was a metallic red (i think it was called Red Effect Metallic) It is a little more red flake than what I wanted. Love the color on your car. Know what it is or what it came on.? Would like to know. Thanks Jim
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