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  • GT289 ·
    Yup. He's looking a little long in the tooth but the car looks great.........
    BTW, it's James "Jas" Bittle. Jas is actually the "J."
    I've never driven his TA car or the #29, but I've driven all his other
    toys at one time or another. I like's his Dad's yellow '68 GT-350 the most.
    SlipKid ·
    Thanks much. I've got a really clean GT door on the car now. We just seem to accumulate parts with these cars don't we? I've got stuff laying around I never thought I would have.....
    gimpystoy ·
    Yo . Yes the Green 67 are mine. The last I saw of them they were standing on end by wall near my car. Those on the car I bought from Dennis Carpenter in 91. They had Ford servicw replacement stickers & #'s. Good investment.
    22GT ·
    Hmmm… Stopped by, nobody from the shop there. I found your car, of course, and the parts that aren't inside are boxed on pallets, but not the fenders. There are nice ones on the car, of course, but I did see a pair of green 67 fenders. Sound right?
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