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  • gjz30075 ·
    Keith, I have 215/60 x 15. Can't be the same rims if yours are 15s. Mine are Mopar rims from the early 80s.
    1970BOSS302 ·
    Hi got a question about the rims and tires on your mustang. I have just purchased the same rims for my 66 they had 215/65/16 tires all around put them on the 66 with 1.25 inch wheel spacers now the front rubs bad when I turn it. Question what size tires do you have on your mustang. Thank you Keith
    Mapper44 ·
    Hey There,
    I was hoping you could share with me what kind of rims you have on your '66 Fastback. I have a '66 myself and am trying to update the look a little. Currently has original steel rims with the original hub caps and I love the muscle your rims add to the mustang. Also, what size are the tires you have mounted on there?
    Thanks for the help, I would appreciate it,
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