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  • Snakebite03 ·

    i know the post was from 2012 but i saw you had some awesome knowledge on the subject.

    i put a 88 mustang motor into a 85 ranger with a 93 maf and computer with a 1990 AOD. with Ford Racing Harness

    im having problems with it dying while slowing down. i know it needs a speed sensor and i saw you talking about what wires to tap into. Do you have a picture of the location you were talking about when you said this.

    If you take a look at a schematic with a picture of the connector, you'll see which wire goes where.
    1. Orange w/ Yellow tracer (vehicle speed sensor)
    2. Dark Green w/ White tracer (vehicle speed sensor)

    Any help is needed

    here is the thread you were talking about it in.

    Thank you
    Greg'66 5.0 ·
    Here are some links to some documents I made:

    I am pretty sure I have answered the A/C questions in a thread somewhere. It's been a while since I looked at some of my diagrams. If you do a little searching, you might be able to find some of my posts. If you have questions about anything specific, you can send me a message and I'll get back to you when I can. I am active duty Navy, stationed on a submarine that is about to deploy. I will be in and out a lot over the next couple of months. If I happen to be gone when you send a message, don't worry - I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
    TxFireman1972 ·
    I actually joined, just to be able to message you lol. I saw a post of yours where you said:

    "I'm working on putting together a document explaining how to install a donor harness in a classic - basically pictures of the harness and descriptions of which wires to splice, as well as instructions on how to make a fuel pump relay harness and how to deal with air conditioning and its connections to the EFI system. I should have it done within the next day or two."

    Did you ever get around to that? Thanks in advance for any info you want to share!
    Greg'66 5.0 ·
    The VIN is stamped down into the metal-not up from the bottom. When I stamped mine, I cut a piece of 4x4 lumber that supported the underside of the apron. The wood ran from the undersid eof the apron down to the floor. I used a 3 lb hammer to strike the stamps. I recommend that you get some sheetmetal that is the same gauge as the apron (either new metal or some scrap) and practice striking the stamps so that you can get a feel for how hard you need to hit them. Use the same type of backing material (i.e. wood) under the sheetmetal so that you can work on getting the look that you want. I experimented by using a 1/4" steel backer instead of wood and I didn't like the look of the stampings. The wood seemed to give the best look since it will give a little as the metal is stamped. I made a fixture out of angle iron to hold my all of my stamps while I was stamping the apron - there is no way you will get a straight consistent line of numbers & letters by trying to do it freehand.
    jimsauto ·
    Hey Greg
    I have a question about vin stamping. I have a 65 that I want to replace the apron on and restamp the vin. everything is legit no problem there,but after reading you post I have a question. the stamps from McMaster seem to punch the vin down into the metal and I think the original were stamped out . was this you experience or am I looking at the wrong stamps. I think the aprons are too heavy a gauge to punch outward
    thanks for any help
    Fredclan ·
    Greg, I'm putting a 1993 5.0 efi and T% in my sons 68 which is currently all origanal. You seem to have the key to the mod for the 93 wiring harness. Could please get a copy and any helpful pointers? I have all the wiring harness from the 93 but have no clue what mod's need to be done to hook it into the 68.
    Dylans '66 ·
    Hey so I saw your resto in progress below a post. The paint looks amazing! I have the same emberglow coupe. Also a 66 and it's in need of a new paint job. How much did it run you to have yours painted and do you remember the brand of paint you/they used? Thanks so much
    mid-tn-mustang ·
    Hi, I am working on an efi swap in my 1965 fastback and noticed that you mentioned that you had a write up on the wiring. If you could send that to [email protected] I would really apreciate it. Thanks
    I am having some difficulty in wiring the relays as shown on the ford fuel injection web site. specifically what wires to run where such as the grey/yellow wire on the green plug and where to attach the red/green wire
    ronnieo2011 ·
    Hey Greg, Thanks for the input on my post. Just looked at your profile, my dad retired from the Navy as a Sr. Chief Medical Corpsman... Is your car a 5.0 with T5?
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