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  • 67 Evil Eleanor ·
    Sorry for not being active lately but real life gets in the way. Cancer has hit hard within the family. Wife (shes free now), mom and her live in both have cancer, and it's not looking too good but anyway. I have a question on the 4r70w. It's having trouble down shifting like from OD to a lower gear. It will bog down quiet a bit before it shifts. Actually the tranny has never shifted like I'd think it would especially on the OD side bogging down. We have been driving the car and have put about 900 miles on it. On a scan it shows the VSS is bad. I have replaced this a couple of times and tried to move it to the tail shaft where the speedo hooks in. The tranny is very consistent so I'm thinking it's a input problem. I checked the TPS voltage and it was 5.1 on the top end. Also there's no adjustment unless I reem the sensor holes out a little.
    Mustangerbob1 ·
    Quasi Partially logged in.

    I am logged in, but apparently not logged in.

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    When I click on some of the picture links, it states I am not logged in, and asked for a log in, and then rejects it.

    Any idea? Thanks Bob
    rwg67 ·
    I have made the corrections below. The 17 x 8's need to have a 4.75 bs and i stated 4.5. Then cut and paste and my error is repeated. Thanks.

    According to dodgestang
    All: 17x8 with 4.75 bs and 235/45R17s (closest to my setup)

    According to Mustang Plus
    All: 17x8 with 4.75 bs and 235/45R17s

    According to Vintage Mustang Wheel and Tire
    Front:17x8 with 4.75 bs and 235/45R17s
    Rear: 17x8 with 4.75 bs and 235/45R17s

    According to CJ Pony
    Front:17x7 with 4.25 bs and 225-235/45R17s
    Rear: 17x8 with 4.75 bs and 245/45R17s

    According to Legendary Wheel
    Front:17x7 with 4.25 bs and 225-235/45R17s
    Rear: 17x8 with 4.75 and 245/45R17s *
    *Test fit the 17x7 from the front on the rear to see if I can go with the 17x8

    I purchased the following
    Front Rim:17x7 with 4.25 bs
    Rear Rim: 17x8 with 4.75 bs
    John_in_SC ·
    Hey brother - you may want to lock my thread up about the charger. Looks like it may be taking an turn for the worst......just letting you know.
    rwg67 ·

    Is it possible to edit original posts? I have wrong info that I would like to correct.


    rwg67 ·
    GypsyR, See your post and comments on VMF and really appreciate your insight. Have utilized your feedback more than once. The reason I am reaching out to you is to determine why a recent post of mine is no longer visible from 4/29/19. It was a tire and rim question that has been brought up before, but I was asking in anyone else had figment issues due to UCA lowering, mideye lowering, etc.

    Still trying to secure VMF thoughts before I spend over $1000 to make sure it will work.

    Member: rwg67
    67 Evil Eleanor ·
    Car is now shifting great. Changing the gear made a world of difference. Running a 21 bou would love to have a 22. So far I can't find one and think none of those were made. That truck of yours is calling, please change my gear LOL. If you do, let me know how it worked. Going to buy another Lincoln MK 8. Only 250 bux and it runs like a top. Now for something to put it in. Started the "J" code Mach One. Pretty well stripped and will be on the rotisserie in a few days. Thinking about a 557. Course will keep all the original stuff. Miss the days when I could drive the Track car down Broad Street and set off all the car alarms. Naaaaa, I wouldn't do that.
    67 Evil Eleanor ·
    Victory! Changed the vss gear from a 18 to 21 tooth and it solved the problem. Shifting like a normal transmission should. In fact I think I will try a 22 if they make it. VSS was totally guilty in throwing off the tranny. Also the speedo looks better. Seems like it's more true. Later I'll check it against a radar gun to see that its on.
    67 Evil Eleanor ·
    Just wondering, still having a issue with the 4r70w shifting. It's still not downshifting like I think it should and running up the gears is off I feel to. I have got a code 452 vehicle speed sensor problem. I took a look at it before Carlisle and noticed the remote linkage I had to make was hitting the plug in drive. The easy fix was to turn it 180 degrees. Just ran another code sweep and it came up again. I guess question one is can this cause the weird shifting? The second is I guess it needs replaced. Rock auto has them for around 12 bux. Thanks Mike
    22GT ·
    Something is up. Numerous threads on the tech forum are blank, showing, say, 12 replies to a post, but nothing appears on the thread.
    fbovi1 ·
    I had a typo in an earlier Post. This is what I meant to say

    Correction GypsyR: I am now able to get my car running after a 15 minute drive because of your advice to not hit the gas peddle when the car is warmed up on startup. Before I was really working the throttle and the car would not turn over. I guess I am flooding it. Even when the car is cold I don't have to hit the gas peddle and the car starts up. I think there is too much gas leftover in the carb.
    I really appreciate your insights.
    Rufus68 ·
    Hi Gypsy,
    I grew up in Anderson. Where do you live in the foothills? As you can see by my profile I currently like in Knoxville. I still have family in Anderson that I visit. Perhaps I can stop by and meet you sometime when I'm passing through. I've always enjoyed reading your posts.

    Rufus Kellam
    Mach1 Driver ·
    GypsyR, I've read that you have done remote mirrors. I bought a 72-76 Torino passenger side Sports Mirror and would like to transfer the guts over to my 69 sports mirror. This is the 3 cable variety. Do you know how to remove the cables from the control? There seems to be some consensus that you need to pry the pot metal around the cable and push the joystick down. I fail to see how the cable ends can sneak past the base they are attached to. Any insight you could provide would be very appreciated.
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