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  • JEFFinOC ·
    Hey Armon - It's Jeff. We met at FFF last weekend. My father and two son's were there with me. I'm the guy that just bought the 68 Fastback. Somehow I lost the card you gave me. I was hoping you could resend you email address and phone number.
    Sparta ·
    Hey brother, its ollie from instagram. was going to message you on insta but looks like you deleted? anyways, i need Longtubes for my 302. i had the same hooker headers you use to have on your 69, and saw your write up for the JBA 36610S. how much better is ground clearance? my hookers rub like a (insert witty metaphor here). you can message me here or text me at 248 842 7541, thanks brother.
    Jwb5858 ·
    Thanks for the offer. I believe I'm on the right track with adjusting the top rail location. I'm going to try it this Sunday. If I have problems, I will reach out. Have a great Thanksgiving!
    Jwb5858 ·
    Happy, I've been researching a problem I have with bolt in windows and saw an old post from you with what sounded like the same issue but I didn't see a resolution.
    My problem is I have a 69 with bolt in windows and they won't align properly. They seem to be off the outer door felt by about 1/4.
    My guess is that I am going to have to fabricate new guides and reposition the tob bracket so the guide rod is slightly shifted outward at the top.
    My setup is, 69 convertible, 69 regulators, 69 guides, 69 rods, 70 windows with mounting plates.
    I thought I would reach out to you befor I posted my question online.

    Thanks John
    Target ·
    Are you subscribed to Motor Trend on Demand? New Roadkill episode with a '69 Mach 1 is fantastic.
    det0326 ·
    Hey Happystang I was reading in a thread that u replied in and noticed your wheels. I am trying to decide on wheels now and will have to use 17" at least because of the front brake calipers. What is the spec's on your wheels backspace, dia. and width? Front and back, I really like the look of your wheels and the stance.

    Thanks Dave
    macstang ·
    I would be interested in knowing what exactly has caused your failures if that could be determined.

    Also, were these the 67 castings and were you running a steel sleeve instead of the crush washer? What were you doing with the car right when the third member failed?
    Mike_Senar ·
    Mike_Senar here. I have about 9 of those transmissions! I would need to disassemble them and build one up for you with as much new parts as I can get my hands on. Can not do a take-out trans as all of those are damaged! $350.00 plus shipping from San Diego.
    Boss69 ·

    Just looking through a few old posts and I came across your one for parts.

    I'm trying to find a bolt in LH 69 Fast back or Sports Roof door glass with a tint and was wondering if maybe.....


    crgjohnson ·
    I saw your ad for 69-70 parts. I'm interested in the below parts. Is this Sportroof glass? Are they tinted.
    [email protected]

    Drivers door glass w/trim & bracket: $100
    Passenger side quarter window w/bracket: $40
    Brian72 ·
    Hi there,
    I have been looking back at your floorpan job on 69 convertible. You did an excellent job. I have 2 69's and a 68. I am going to start on my better 69. it needs front floor patch like it looks like you did first to yours. Just curious where you welded along inner rocker? I have looked at alot of pics and just wondering how floor pan attaches along that? Anyway great job and inspiring!
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