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  • dzahm ·
    Hey thank you for 1. connecting to me on linked in- you are my only mustang contact!
    2. For the write up on gtonavy rear tailights- I got them and I love them- (using on a 65 coupe) the sequential turn signal is sweet!

    May I ask what you are doing for headlights? I haven't installed the front yet (actually the fenders are still at painters) But I am coming soon to the front end and I trust your skills and judgment so I figured you have already been down this road (haha so to speak)
    dfrausto ·
    Kelly, I noticed in one of your comments you live in Austin TX, I live just outside Austin in Pflugerville.
    Do you have any advice for someone just starting off with a newly purchased 1966 Mustang? I don't have much room in my tiny garage so I'm looking for some local shops that can do some of the work for me.
    dblooseven ·
    Saw on one of your posts where you mentioned that you would stop posting as many questions. Just wanted to say please don't stop. I for one look forward to your posts and all your write-ups. Your threads are always well written, informative, as well as entertaining. Anyway best wishes and hope you stick around.
    Bebob_429 ·
    Hi Kelly,

    Just saw your "signature car picture" and recognized your car from the 2-month round trip in the US.
    For the time being I am stationed in Kuwait, part of the coalition who fights in Iraq and Syria. In my spare time I read and listen to music, and by coincidence stumbled onto your mustang-travel-blog. It was very good reading and trip I most certainly envy you (in a good way). It gave me time to think of something else than the conflict over here - so thank you.
    I live in Denmark, northern part of Europe, and hope to do my own round trip of Europe in my 1968 Mustang Coupe - maybe it will be accompanied by a blog too.
    So I just wanted to say "good job - excellent reading and beautiful pictures - I wish it was me"
    Kindest regards
    Kelly_H ·
    Hi Shawn,

    I absolutely love the Hurst shifter. I believe that that is the standard shift knob/lever that comes with the shifter. It puts the shifter at exactly the right spot and gives it a nice long throw. Not too high up in the air and not too low to the trans tunnel. I'm a fan of the shifter knob - fits perfectly in your hand. I prefer it to the pistol grip ones.

    Hope that helps!

    quik ·

    I noticed your Hurst shift rod and knob in your center console post. Great job on the console by the way. My question is, do you like the shifter position and the size of the knob, or would you prefer the shifter was in a different position and the knob was a different size? I imagine I'm a little taller than you (6'1"), but I'm still curious how satisfied you are with your setup.


    Kelly_H ·
    Hi Stellablue,

    I have a newer booster - but first, do you have a manual transmission with the stock Z-bar clutch linkage? If you do not, then you won't have any issues fitting the setup in the first place :) The problem is that the boosters for manual trans manual clutch linkage cars has to stand out from the firewall by about 3 inches, which is where you start running out of space. I don't think I've ever actually seen a larger stock booster for a manual trans car from Ford.

    Regardless, that NPD MC is the shortest and smallest dual bowl that I've found on the market for our cars. The only one that might take up less space is the plastic reservoir one that recently became available (believe that CJPP sells it). So either of those are your best options!

    Hope that helps :) Kelly
    stellablue ·
    Hey Kelly, I need to upgrade to a dual bowl master cylinder on my 66' and came across a post you wrote saying that npd part # 2140-20E is the only master that fits behind your shock tower with a booster. My question is do you have a stock booster or new one that is a bit narrower? I have the stock booster and I'm worried I'm going to have clearance issues.
    PonyDoc ·
    I have a couple of driver's seats in good condition. Pony or Standard? You can also call Don @ Don's Mustangs in Charlotte- 704-361-4222 He's a great guy and super honest. And he's close to you!
    1-18-68 ·
    How are you feeling and of course how is the car project going? Certainly in order of importance. I hope to get back on my project within the week again after a number of months being pulled by other efforts for race builds.
    Best regards,

    MidwayUSA ·
    Hi. I came across your post asking how the seat latch cover plate is attached. I have the same situation -- 1 of the 4 cover plate holes lines up with a bracket, the remaining 3 don't line up with anything. Did you ever find the correct way to attach the cover plate? Thanks.
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