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  • gt350sr ·
    It depends on which compressor you have- I think they had 2 or 3 different ones. I actually pulled an entire system off a '78 that I was going to use on my '67- FE big block. I ended up going with Vintage Air instead, so didn't use it- but would probably be better off selling it as a complete set rather than pieces. I never tested it, so not sure it's any good either... Have you priced out a new clutch for your unit? I don't recall them being that expensive?
    janschutz ·
    Where about are you in NE Texas. I live just north of Dallas but have a house near Gilmer that I thinking of retiring at.
    macstang ·
    The larger tires when my car looked half way nice are 28 x 9 ET Drag slicks. I had a rub problem with the tire getting into the lower fender lip so I went to the shorter tires. The shorter ones that show up with the fiberglass flares(not yet bonded on) are 26 x 9 ET Drag slicks. Now with the flares and that lip cut back I am planning to go back to somebody's street tire in a 28 tall x 9" tread size. I'm leaning toward the MT Sportsman SR's in a 28 x 10. Everybody says that my rims don't look like 15's but they are.

    15 x 8 with 4 1/2" backspacing rear and skinnys on the front.
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