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  • Flade ·
    Hi, just wanted to check in and see if you and te family were safe. We got spared most of the storm over in Niceville, but my neighbor’s son lives in Lynn Haven and lost his house.

    Wootdog ·
    Did you ever come up with a tach dash harness for a 71? We had discussed a couple of times in the past that the harness and connector was different for a 72-73 and 71. I still don't have a connector that will fit the cluster. In other words, my 71 dash connector is different than the 72 cluster with the tach dash is that I have as spare parts. My dash that is installed has a clock that don't work.
    Kerry in Virginia Beach
    hughnews1 ·
    HIrandy 14 lbs of wires to ya I just need 65 289 conv .. with 5 gauge and C4 dont know what is in there ? lmk thanks Hugh
    JSRoeth ·
    Good Morning,

    I was told on a thread i posted you might have insight to the question i asked.

    the title of the post is listed below.
    1969 Mach 1 with or without Tach Wire Harness Connector.

    Would you please take a moment to read the thread and offer your insight how i determine an answer to me question?
    Guins66 ·
    Hello, bought my harness from you a few years ago and finally trying to finish up interior. I have everything working and now trying to install a radio. Not exact year, but close. I have power plug from radio plugged into double female on harness that is to left of radio opening. I have installed rear speakers and have them wired directly to radio. Not using the radio cross over harness for door speakers and I get nothing until I pull headlight switch. In fact if I turn the dimmer it actually adjusts the radio station. How is this possible and do you have any ideas?
    Chris21 ·
    I'm having a problem with the connector that plugs into the gauge harness. The plug itself is causing a loose connection and erratic gauges readings. Would you be able to get this connector? It's the 16-20 wire one. Is there something you can recommend as a fix? If I wiggle the connector it causes the gauges to go dead and I have to prop it just right for everything to work right.
    RM69 ·
    Here's my second question....

    2) As I understand it there are three harnesses that are different in terms of tach or non-tach....under dash, headlight and alternator. Is this correct? If so, does your tach conversion include the under dash AND headlight harness or just the under dash? I know the alternator tach harness is pretty cheap so I'd buy that new. The headlight harness can be had new for $230 or so and being exposed to the heat and road debris it might be best to buy that one new as well. However, if my current headlight harness is in good enough condition, can you convert that to tach as well?

    I talked to you a while back in the Concours forum. I'm the guy from Dothan...girfriend lives in Panama City. I meant to swing by and talk to you when I was home on vacation recently (I work in Afghanistan) but ran out of time. I'll try to make it next time.

    RM69 ·
    Hey Randy, I have a couple of questions for you. I have a 69 Mach 1 390 that I bought a few months ago. The car was originally 4 speed, tach and a/c. It is now C6, no tach and no a/c. My plan is to restore back to original. I haven't started disassembly yet so I have no idea what state all of the harnesses are in. So, here are my questions....

    1) I found an under dash tach harness on ebay that looks to be in really good condition for $150. Assuming that my car currently has a non-tach harness, and that the two harnesses are in equal condition, would you recommend just a refurb/tach conversion of my current harness or buying the tach harness off ebay and doing a refurb on that one if it needs it? If I bought the one off ebay and it needed a refurb, I would send both harnesses to you and you could keep the one from my car.

    I have another question but since I'm so long winded I have to send it in a 2nd message.
    Magna83 ·
    Hello, My name is Andrew, I just got a 67 coupe and I'm curious if I should replace the wiring as i go (new harness) or finish it and replace what I need? Some one on the forum pointed me your way. This is a long term resto so your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
    keecho ·
    Midlife can you please help me, i have a 69 mustang with original tach harness but i wanna install a non tach cluster cause i cant afford a tach cluster. I already installed it i think correctly but i have 3 wires leftover from original harness # 4,5,6.
    And im missing ampmeter wires red and yellow.
    What do i do? Please help.
    Low Roller ·
    Hey Midlife,

    I have a 64 1/2 driver I bought off some dirtbag for too much $, but the guy did put nice lipstick on the pig. My current issue is with my fuel and temp gauges. Neither works after replacing gauges, sending units, even wiring from fuel sending unit, and adding solid circuit voltage regulator.

    Currently, the connections from the sending units are putting out 5.3 volts and the appropriate ohms at engine and dash grounds. I just received a new fuel Gauge, and in the box it is reading 23.4 ohms.

    I just added a groundwire from the screw on the instrument panel to the dashboard frame and moved my radio ground fRom a simple screw into the dash (no star washer) to the courtesy light ground (with star washer).

    Any recommendations for me before I install my new gauges?
    jagarner70 ·
    I need some help with my instrument panel. I have a 65 with the 66 gauge panel installed and the oil pressure and voltmeter do not work properly. How can I determine if the wiring is correct? How can I check the oil pressure sending unit? I apppreciate any help. Jeff
    Arrowheadfred ·
    My car is a 67 fastback and need help with the gas gauge and brake light. I LIVE ONLY 35 MILES FROM YOU SO WHEN YOU GET TIME EMAIL [email protected] OR CALL 850-381-6367. I will be at the NOV. 6th car show at Holiday Inn select across from the MALL with my 67 fastback & 51 ford truck.
    Alan _MacDougall ·
    Midlife; Do you know where I can purchase a two pin switch socket housing for 1970 mustang door courtesy lamp switch? The latches are broken on mine. I have a 70 mach1 main harness w/o tach that I am looking for a home. Its in good shape except the radio connector and the alternator connectors are missing. Thanks Alan
    John68 ·
    It's been a long tme. I got comsumed by a woman, she left me, took my car. took everything. I suck. how have you been?
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