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  • GTxpress ·
    Question. Any tips on pulling an fe out of 67?
    I have a 390 with 6114 hookers and 4 speed. Back in the day we always fought takings headers off and taking out transmission first then pulled motor.
    denker0508 ·
    Thanks for the help last weekend with the backfiring. I was hoping that you could help me out with another issue. Now that I have the car running I have no power when driving. The carb reacts great under idle and appears to be working fine. Vacuum advance is working and everything reacts when I hit the gas. I have the timing set about 8 degrees currently, the engine seems to react the best there. But when I take it out, I have not power off the line, takes about a quarter mile to build power to shift to second, and then about the same to go to 3rd. Once I shift to third, I got nothing, the car actually slows down. Any thoughts?

    My427stang ·
    Let me see if I can find it, its been a couple of years, but basically its just centered and a fixed distance from the rear edge.

    What do you do for a living? 14+ year USAF here.
    AR69stang ·
    Sir, I saw on one of your posts that you have the correct dimensions of where the boss 9 hoodscoop goes. I just got home from Afghanistan and am trying to get my Mustang out of the body shop but am having trouble finding anyone that wants to part with the template for cutting out the hood and where the scoop goes on a 69. I would appreciate any help you can give me. James
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