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  • Turnall ·
    The 66 GT is stripped down for paint but I'm not much of a paint and body guy and it's hard to find some one to do the work. I would be more than happy to meet up with guys though, even if I drive the GT with the fenders and such off...just let me know.

    myfirstcar66 ·
    My car is Tahoe Turquoise also. Bought a really great Emberglo coupe to work on as a father-son project.

    The tornadoes were devastating to parts of Lee County, but my home was spared. I left between the first and second touchdowns to go help and we all ended up working til the next morning. My night shift team just started our first set of off days since it happened. 23 dead and we're fortunate it wasn't a lot more.

    Be safe in your travels and I will be happy to cruise over with you sometime. -- Dave
    subpar63 ·
    Hi David....Thanks for the compliment. My favorite '66 color.

    Won't be getting the car down here until early May. Flying back to South Dakota and then putting it on a trailer and road tripping it down here with a couple good friends. They want to visit this area as they have never been here.

    Once the car is down here, I'll go through the plate/tag change but don't foresee any issues.

    Was wondering how you fared when the tornadoes went through a few weeks back? Trust you were all okay with no damage?

    Looking forward to getting the car down here and exercising it!

    Allen, Turnall on VMF, lives in Dothan, so we might have to arrange something where we can all get together and meet each other.

    Take care....John
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