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  • Bvgkss ·
    Hi Natejones75!
    Not sure if you are still on "the air" since i'll texting you due to your posting 2003. But see that you were on in 2011. I am very interested in the 67 Dana Speedostat system you were looking into back in 2003. Do you still have it and do you want to part with it?
    Even if not any info is most welcome. I just rescued a 69 Mac-1 in Philippines. Bolt off restauration. Coming together very nicly. I had "Bids in" on 1 almost compl set on E-bay and 3 other bits and pieces a few months ago and thought I had finally been blessed. But, the bless was short lived as my creditcard was blocked by bank since it had been excessivly used in USA when I was in fact in Asia. I am a norwegian living in Thailand but at that time sailing and still is. I lost the Items I had "Won" "Blasted". and now when they are to finally issue me a new one, there is hardly anything to find from Dana on Speedostats and its accessory.
    As I said earlier, any info/help highly appreciated!:pirate:
    1-18-68 ·
    I have all the Moog parts still new in the box I bought for my 68 fastback and no longer need due to installing a rack & pinion steering conversion. If you're interested I can send you the numbers. These are all USA made Moog parts.
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