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  • slim ·
    A for sale ad was just posted on Vintage for new pair 65 vert quarter panels $3000. It is only post and not registered.
    HDAshmore ·
    Please see my request to take my WTB post down under the general discussion forum. The request and the original post both have my phone number in them and I want them down as I was scammed and lost money to someone responding to it. I have asked everyway I know how to get the posts down and cannot figure out how to do it myself.

    fraso ·
    Hello. I thought I drop by to visit this forum after being away for a while. I see that some some of old posts have dead links. How would I go about editing them?

    pipeliner_86 ·
    Not sure if you're the right guy to ask- can you please move my post in general discussion to the build section? Title is "new to the forum"
    Nailbender ·
    On my thread "331 Get One More Chance" could you change it to "331 Get's One More Chance". My mother is a 82 year old english teacher and my error is painful to see!

    Thanks in advance.

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