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  • Opentracker ·
    Yes, we have a 25% off special going on the Porterfield R4-S brake pads/shoes. The deal applies to shoes, pads or a combo of the two. You can find the links in the deals section of the VMF.

    VMF Deals - Vintage Mustang Forums

    We always discount products for VMF members. Some of our products have a steeper discount than others. If you have a wish list, I can give you a quote with the discounts available.
    Opentracker ·
    Hi Jared,

    Our manual kit is $579, with the power upgrade it's $749. This is for a car that came with stock drum brakes. Does it have drum brakes?

    Jakal ·
    Good afternoon,

    I'm curious about the Ford-Hayes disc brake conversion kits for my '69 Mustang. Are the website prices still good?


    sixtyfourandahalfcoupe ·
    John, good morning I hope you are doing well. I am getting this popping sound from my suspension when I go in reverse and when I turn. I'm thinking it's most likely my upper control arms as when I replaced them last time I used Scott Drake parts.

    I have a few questions for my mainly street driven car do you think your stock upper control arms will work well with my set up. I have roller spring perches, roller lower arms, roller idler arm and adjustable strut rods, along with bilsten street shocks and also coil springs which I purchase from you.

    The car rides fine for the most part but I want to buy the upper control arm only once and not have to replace them again for a while. So I'm not sure if the stock upper control arms will work or if I should step up to the roller upper control arms.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.
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