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  • patrickstapler ·
    Sorry, I’ve never checked these messages. Yeah it’s close. I wouldn’t worry about until you get s gauge on it. Probably just too much caster. You will want to be around 4-4.5 with -1 to -1.5 camber.
    Caper50 ·
    Good morning patrick, just thought I send you a couple pics since I have the weight of the engine and transmission in the car. The extra weight actually drove the wheels and tire closer to the front of the fender, definitely not what I was hoping to see. I went to turn the wheel I only got barely a full turn and the tire hit the fender. I am heading back to work today but will be ordering a Longacre caster/camber gauge from Summit so it will be here when I get home in a couple of weeks. I think overall I'll like the stance when everything is back on the car, the Globalwest coils are not too stiff at all, I can easily push down on the front of the car.

    Take care,



    Caper50 ·
    G'day patrick, hope all is well in your area with all this bad weather. I am trying to piece together the last few items to get my engine running. I need to connect the vacuum advance but noticed there was no fitting on my 4100. I tried a piece of 3/16" line and it seems to match up with the threads in the carb base. I tried to find one of those brass fittings on line but no luck. I also saw that some people just installed the line fitting directly into the carb. Just wondering what the acceptable method is for connecting this line at the carb. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question. Brian

    gakeanh ·
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