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  • sixtysevenGTconv ·
    My 1st comment is w/o pics hard to say.
    Also you stated it's an "S" code vert. But is it also a GT?
    Not all "S" codes were GT. That raises the $$$.
    Also is it standard or auto?
    A factory 4spd is very rare, which is what I have.
    To give you $$$ on mine, a factory (Marti report w/build sheet) "S" code 4spd, GT, vert, restored very nice, orig engine, tri-power, not perfect, I'd price at ~ $60-65k. Resto now about 12 yrs old. When I first finished, a collector offered me ~ $70k.
    They only made 940 "S" code verts, way less 4 spds
    pirate_picker ·
    My car is being Painted in the shop right. They finished painting inside the truck, undercarriage and all the door hinges etc. I chose something close to factory X code color from the Hues line. Im surprised it looks great, I just let the wife and My son chose the color. I kept going back and forth all day and all week etc.
    JeffTepper ·
    Thanks for the compliment. I had my fastback painted about 6 years ago. It was Vintage Burgundy from the factory. I liked the tone of the factory color but wanted more depth. I found a then current color on a new Mercedes called "Bordeaux Red Metallic". My painter used PPG products with 4 color coats and 5 clear coasts followed by a careful color sanding and polish. My goal was a high quality driver paint job. What I ended up with far exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased with the results. As an FYI, I also considered Porsche's "Arena Red" and a similar GM color that was being used on Escalades at that time. The Mercedes just looked "right" to my eye. Good luck.
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