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  • Pony Gaz ·
    Hi Gary. Yeah, things are fine at my end. Glad to hear you solved the shifting issue. Delamination is caused by either aging of the friction material or the bands/clutches not being pre-soaked in ATF prior to assembly. I had a similar problem with a friend's 66 Falcon. The filter was so clogged that the pump had sucked the filter mesh into a convex shape!! The oil level in the C4 is such that no gear train components spin in the oil. Lubrication is achieved by the fluid returning from the cooler which is directed thru a hole in the case to the output shaft. The output shaft is drilled in various locations to supply lubrication to the rotating components. If the fluid level is too high & the gear train spins in it, it causes the fluid to become aireated giving similar syptoms to a low fluid level condition i.e. slipping clutches/bands.
    Have a good one. Gaz
    69MustangCoupe ·
    Yeah, it's been working good for maybe a month now or since I last talked to you about it. What was wrong was the front band delaminated and the material from that clogged the filter and caused it to not shift from lack of pressure in the valve body. That's what was in the pan that I showed everyone. I have no idea why other than maybe it just got too hot or had a defect of some sort in that band that caused it to start ripping apart. I put in a "snap" band, changed the fluid and filter and have been taking it easy just driving normal and it's been shifting fine since then. How you been? Things going good? Oh I was thinking about the c4 and meant to ask if the drum spins in the transmission fluid and that keeps it lubricated?

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