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  • Sparky66 ·
    Found it! I must have used "visitor message" instead of PM?? Whatevs lol.

    You can also text me on my cell if that's easier - 4257373384
    Sparky66 ·
    Long time no talk lol! Did you see my post in Track about Track Night in America? I'm seriously thinking of going to one, as the fees are pretty reasonable!

    How's your pony doing?
    Ponyboy ·
    Really? I thought I had been dumped from your friend list! I could not get my front suspension completed, (Shelby drop, spring perch relocation, roller spring perches and adjusting the ride height by trimming my springs) before the sign up deadline. No Ride N Drive for me this year, but may be interested in a track day in August. I am going to the show on Sunday.
    Sparky66 ·
    Good grief - I *just* found this message because I was going to ask you the same thing lol! No, we're not going to the show, but we will be at Ride N Drive. Hubby is driving the ST...Sparky's tires don't have a full track day left in them :(. You?
    Fletch's66 ·
    Like the wheels. I actually just saw a set on craiglist for $250 and was wondering about them. What is the backspace on those and what did it take to fit them on your car? Thanks
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