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  • TB350 ·
    Yep US Navy, Dad was involved in the SOSUS program (Looking for Russian subs using cables for picking up acoustic signals) Got to live in a bunch of cool places; Barbados, Hawaii(x2), Wales(x2), Argentia ( Favorite!) sadly only x1 and a few coastal states.

    In York, PA now. Upgrading a 65 Fb with an Opentracker set up and a bunch of other stuff (you know how it is with the while I'm at it's! lol)
    My Dad had a 69 mach1 428 cobrajet 4 speed he bought new the first time we were in Hawaii, he only got to drive it a year before Mom made him trade it for a new 1970 Toyota Corolla for our move to NFLD! She might as well as cut his nuts off right there! He's better now (08 Bullit)

    Nice chatting with you! I'll let you know when I get back over there! Hey how old are you I'm 49, I wonder if I was there when you were, that would be funny! kip
    rcodenewf ·
    Your family must have been with the military..maybe? Argentia at that time was a military base. I was home last year and we went to Gros Morne National park and it was awesome. I grew up in NL not knowing all the beauty it had to offer. We're hoping to do it again soon.
    What mustang do you have and where do you live now?

    I have 2 69's a 1 owner fastback that i totally restored and a 69 mach1 428 cobrajet 4 speed. As a kid i saw these cars running around and swore i would have one ...or of these days.
    My son has a 94 that he drag races. He and i just built a 1000hp engine for it. Should be fun.
    Keep in touch......John
    TB350 ·
    We lived in Argentia, near Placentia, not too far from you actually (as the crow flies) from fall of 70-winter of 72. I was 9 when we moved there and I'll never forget it! Hope to get back in the next year or two. kip
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