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  • Madisoneyes ·
    I read your post about a rebuilt salvage title issue from a few years ago. I just purchased a 65 fastback that checked out ok by an inspector but when I received the title today it was noted as rebuilt salvage. I have yet to see the car as it is in transit to GA tonight, but I would like to hear your experience with your car since buying it (insurance issues, potential resale probs, your feelings on rebuilt salvage titles, etc) I am considering calling a lawyer on Monday.
    dbilluni ·
    Russ, I was reading your post from 2003 with interest. I was wondering how your project to integrate a backup light into your tail light worked out. I also have a 66 coupe onto which I have installed a '65 GT rear valance with no backup light holes. I figured surely by now someone would have come up with a modified tail light that has a clear center or some other type of integration. Any help? Thanks. Dennis; [email protected]
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