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  • mustangman ·
    Love those wheels.I have a 69 mach 1.Can you tell me what brand and style those wheels are?Size,Front ,back,width ,back set,spinners.They really compliment the car,very strong looking,not to much bling.Thank you Mark "Mustangman"
    SAC69 ·

    The main Mustang club in Sacramento is the Sacramento Area Mustang Club (SAMC) and here is their website:

    Sacramento Area Mustang club

    I used to be a member 6-7 years ago but did not have time to attend meetings so I simply lapsed. I largely meet others thru one of two websites, the VMF, but mostly There are a few of us in Sac who get together for poker games with guys from the Bay Area, meet up for other events during the year (Tuesday night show in Roseville) and caravan to the big show at Knott's:

    Welcome to Ford Car Clubs - Western Region -- Fabulous Fords Forever at Knott's Berry Farm

    Good luck with your car and finding a club. If you want to get together some time just send me a note, however, I don't check VMF as often as I check StangFix so if you send a note, it may be a few days before I respond.

    Tom D.
    iamtig ·
    Hello and good day. I am new to VMF and looking for the active mustang clubs in the Sacramento CA. area. There are also a few parts I am interested in as well, but mainly looking to hook up with other mustang owners. Please advise either another member, VMF forum thread or any other good info on finding Sac Mustang clubs. I personally own a 70 Mach. Thank you!
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