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  • NEFaurora ·
    Slim, You were a great guy and and awesome VMF'r. I truly enjoyed all our conversations on the VMF over the past 11 Years. Rest in Peace my friend.

    PS: Wherever you are, I hope that you're going faster than 55mph....


    Tony K.
    Mr.E ·
    Thanks! There are lots of things I'd like to do with it, but need to get the Mustang up and going first.
    18697 ·
    doesn't guarantee anything, I've been doing this for 40 years and my name means Im not afraid to pay for parts that I need. I won't pay stupid prices for anything - won't last long doing this if you do
    slim ·
    Either both headlights are had, the dimmer switch, wiring or connectors. Pretty well rules out the headlight switch. The dimmer switch directs the voltage to the high or low beam. Pull a connector off either headlight use your trusty meter and determine if juice is getting to the lamp in each position (clicking the dimmer).
    Mustang rob ·
    Hey there Slim, yesterday you answered one of my post about lights, tried the dimmer switch today got high beams lights but still no low beams, all other lights are working fine, so would that mean a light switch. Thanks Rob
    Nopoints ·
    Hi Slim,
    Was paging through old posts and saw you had a couple of 68 clocks a few years back. Any chance you still have one as I can't find them anywhere. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    jberry ·
    Hey Slim,
    Looking to rechrome the quarter windows for concourse restoration. The window trim is chrome and stainless. Do you know a reputable source who would tear down, rechome pot metal, buff stainless and reassemble the frames with glass? I was going to attempt but was worried I might damage the original glass. Also unsure if the rollers need to be removed.
    slim ·
    On forums we tend to put info on our profile. History at FORDFE has nothing to do with the discussion. Happy New Year.
    ScotiaFE ·
    What's your NAME?
    Mine is Howie Merrette.
    If you want to see my Ford History then go to
    I don't hide behind anything.
    slim ·
    VMF has moderstors and administrators. The start of non selling forums starts out by saying in effect this forum not for selling.

    You'll not there are "for sale forums" odly not free! There's a forum/listing/section that lists suppliers like Rockauto...never seen them try to sell on the vintage, concpours etc. forums!
    lemonshindig ·
    I have noticed that trend as well. I took apart my headlight switch and cleaned all the contacts, replaced a broken spring, and re-greased it because it wasn't working properly. I didn't save much money but at least I didn't throw just throw it away.

    I've also replaced broken screens on cell phones and laptops, sanded and repainted old wooden desks, and repaired an old air compressor.

    I'm with you, replacing things isn't always the way to go. I've found that often fixing what you have, even though it might not save much money, is a more reliable way to go.
    slim ·
    Are you saying the main bumper doesn't look polished? Where'd you get it? The chrome finish on my NPD bumpers looks great...far better than NOS. Understand the chrome doesn't make the finish, it's the polishing of the steel stamping, then the copper, then the nickle. The chrome is just a hard surface. No reason the edges would be highly finished...they don't get hand polishing...except maybe in a high end plater like one that sprcializes in classic car or cycle parts.
    LukeMustangMalta ·
    Yes, but what I meant was that it was advertised as being triple chrome plated, and it just looked like stamped steel, and the edges were not finished off as smoothly. thanks
    slim ·
    I have no idea how to calibrate it. Seems like a meter similar to an analog voltmeter but they usually have a swing of about 90 degrees.

    I'm confident Tachman can calibrate it but he'll probably want you to send it in to him. Sorry I can't help.

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