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  • BubbaJoe13 ·
    Hi slow-poke,

    Are you still selling the automatic compensation units for the EPS conversions?

    EDIT : So I read that for liability reasons, you've decided not to sell the speed control units. Totally understandable. However, is there any way you can clue us into the method you used to control the bias (analog circuit utilizing the output voltage of the VSS to output a PWM signal or a digital processor with some written logic with a formula?) and more importantly, supple the correction chart (or slope, if it's linear) so we don't to engineer the whole circuit from scratch. I'm an engineer, and am confident I can get to the solution eventually, but I've also learned not to re-invent the wheel when it's not necessary... Just hoping you don't make it necessary.

    Thanks in advance for any help, and if you're not willing to for whatever reason, thanks for all your insight on the forums.
    walkerbk ·
    I emailed you a while back regarding the EPS controller you built and was wondering if you were going to still put the plans online or sell them? if you are planning on selling them, please let me know so I can get in line.
    whelessray ·
    Hello, I have made an EPAS system like you described, but not exactly. I used a 3/4 inch plain adapter and welded it but it is not aligned perfectly. So, my upper shaft is not completely centered in the mustang tube. Of course, the mustang steering column bearing centers it, but that creates torque inside the column which I believe might lead to unnecessary wear and tear. Do you have the upper coupler for sale?
    kechke ·
    Hi, could you tell me what size fuse and wire you are using on your EPAS. I am planning a 70 amp fuse and an #8 wire from the trunk to the Koyo unit.
    What are your thoughts on this.
    slow-poke ·
    I used to have a 393 using a F9 roller block. I'm now using a D4 block.
    ~ 500ft-lbs.
    Nitto 555R tires
    I have never used a TKO, T5 is quite efficient, I hear the T5 shifts better
    T5 goes in easy but touches the transmission tunnel on a 65 not an issue on a 69
    must_succeed_4_me ·
    Hello slow-poke,

    I have a 69 Mach 1 and I was wondering what 351 W block did you use for your build and how much torque does your engine produce? Do you run street drag radials? How efficient is the transmission and how it compare to a TKO 600? Did you have any problems installing the transmission in your car? I am about a year a way from doing the same thing to my car and trying decide to do about the engine. I want engine to produce 450 HP and Torque at the flywheel, so every thing will have to be efficient as possible.
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