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  • MidwayUSA ·
    Hi Torkman. I just saw a couple pictures of your 65 fastback posted back in 12/2013. I love your stance/tires/wheels combination. :thumbsup: Can you tell me what you did to achieve that stance -- specifically what coils and leaf springs you have and where you got them? Thanks.
    Torkman ·
    I made them out of a piece of white hard plastic. I went to Home Depot and bought a 6 inch round toilet floor anchor thingy (looks like a big washer made out of 1/4" thick hard white plastic). I just traced out the piece, used a hacksaw to cut the major dimensions, and then fine tuned it on the grinding wheel. There was enough plastic to make 50 of them if you wanted. Point is you can try a few attempts and then you will end up making them perfect in about 10 minutes. The plastic toilet ring thing was about 6 bucks.

    Do not know where you would get the cylinder track bearing...probably will need a doener set of old tracks.
    My65Fastback ·

    I am in the process of restoring my seat tracks and came across your post recharging the white plastic shims. You mentioned that they don't make them although they are easy to make. Have you had any experience in making them and if so how did you do it?
    Also do you know if the rollers (bearings) are available as I am also missing some.

    Torkman ·
    Sorry for the delay in replying...went on a two week vacation off the grid. The file is a word doc that has pics and explains the kill switch...send me an email address and I will respond with the .doc.

    Nice car!
    Candoo ·
    I just posted a video of my under car restoration. Rattle can rustoleum front to back. Check it out.
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