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    Tubbster1966 Thanks for letting me know about your install of Summit 08600VS Carb. I'd like to ask you does your 302 have an automatic transmission? If so how did you go about installing the Summit 08600VS carb & kickdown linkage? Did you have to fabricate a bracket or? Any other tips on installation you can pass along. Which model intake manifold did you install? Did you use a factory spacer or? How does it run and what kind of mileage do you get with your setup? I'm still debating between this carb & a 4100 Autolite which everyone raves about (saying they're the best carbever made). I'm about to get my re-rebuilt 4300 carburetor back from KP Carbs (upstate NY) who did me a favor since JJ Carburetors (who rebuilt it the first time, did a crappy job, won't return my emails or make good on problems I have with their rebuild). I hope it will run ok at least for this season, cause $$$ is hard to find these days to keep swapping parts (finding out they aren't up to snuff).
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