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  • turbo2256b ·
    I am in central KY have a right and left quarter left one has part of the side of the roof trimmed but kept what was trimmed off.
    7Dpilot ·
    Sir I read on a post that you might have a qtr for a 70 FB? Is it still available? Where are you located? I am interested if possible.

    Text me if you like 931-624-6685

    Derrick Cronk
    turbo2256b ·
    Have to check might need a new pic. If I HAD MY WAY BACK IN 75 there was a old abandoned Sinclair station wit ha big brontosaurus (looked like something out of a theme park) 15 foot tall or so always wanted it
    2+2=GT350 ·
    Hey turbo, I was wondering about your avatar picture? I collect Sinclair stuff and was wondering what it is? Any chance getting a bigger picture of it?
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