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  • myfirstcar66 ·
    Subpar 63 John reminded me you are in the Dothan area and when he gets his 66 down here May-ish he brought up maybe cruising to meet up sometime. I live in Auburn and it has been a LONG time since I cruised any more than about 25 miles from home. Would love to see your ride in person. Also enjoying your build thread. Hope to have the interior and AC done on the 66 I got for my son and me to work on by the time he turns 15 so we can do driving lessons in it !! Enjoy the Spring. -- Dave
    Caper50 ·
    Allen, just wondering if you could send me pics of your vacuum routing. I tried looking through the manual but can't seem to find it. I ran a temporary line from the passenger side of the carb to the distributor but that's it. I just realized I have no vacuum pressure on that line when I went to disconnect it at the distributor to set the timing. I tried searching the net for complete pics but no luck. Any help is appreciated. Btw, I got a set of rad and heater clamps...Scott drake brand, they are supposed to be concours...they are absolute junk. They were the source of my coolant leaks. My email is [email protected]


    1969sag ·
    I am kind of at my bottom. I bought this guitar as an investment. I Know it will be worth a lot more in the future. I am at the point on this guitar that I would rather keep it, than loose any more money from selling it. I could really use the money. BUT. I could sell it fast for fast cash any day of the week, for 3,000.00, If I wanted to take a loss on it. I just can't bring myself to sell it cheaper at this point.
    atitagain ·

    I am a noob but unless the camera flipped the image or your did a MCE cheat your piston notches look like they are pointed aft? Again you seem way more experienced but just had to ask incase it was a mistake
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