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  • Kelly_H ·
    Hey Vincent,

    Depends on the location of the freeway! In Texas, freeway speed limit is 80 mph, so I'm usually pushing 3200 rpm or so doing 85 mph. At 70 mph, I'm around 3000. The 289 has no trouble with these revs :)
    saligli ·
    yeah the rear end is stock length. if you have any questions, let me know.
    I ended up having to slightly roll the rear fender lips, just a few days ago I noticed some faint marks on the tire from hitting the fender lip. if you plan on going with my set up, be prepared to roll the lips a tiny bit. if you want the same thing but no roll, then go with 275/40/17s in the rear, those will clear
    bacchus203 ·
    Replica Wheel BLT MSTG custom wheels

    Discount tire replica wheels, gun metal color - I plan on painting the car dark maroon
    17x8 with 0 offset 225/45-17 on the front, had to roll the fenders (should have added offset)
    17x9 with 24 offset 275/40-17 on the rear. not rolled and no problems.

    My front driver tire still rubs a little when I pull in and out of the driveway. I need to work on the fender a little more. If I could, I would add a little offset to the front tires. I think the smallest offset is 24 mm, I should have gone with that. I tried the 235/45-17 tires in the front and they rubbed real bad, so we changed them out to 225/45 with a lot better results.
    MaK_1967v8 ·
    which wheel? The cragar soft 8s? yeah they work great. I rub the front valance when reversing and turning, but i think its because the valance is tweaked a little bit. but yeah, they work :)
    zhlange ·
    I am currently in Houston area. Friendswood. Just south east of Houston. I wish but i think it's a bit of drive. I am set on my last two front conversions: csrp or Chockostang. They are inexpensive which suits me because my car will be a daily driver. I've read a little bit about that eBay vendor. Got some good reviews. I need to research more for the rear conversion. My car is no car show either. It is intact but I can't wait to tear it down and start putting time and money to it.

    Do you anybody that sells engine blocks? My car was originally a 390 car but now it has a 289. I'll send you some pics when I start something on my brakes.
    leefrankpierce ·
    Where in Texas are you?
    I am in the Dallas FT.Worth area, specifically just south-west of DFW airport.
    You can come by and look. I have my car down to a shell at the moment so you can see a lot of things you would not normally see.
    So far I have not tried to install either kit, but both seem complete.
    Rear kit did not come with dust shields, so I may add that at some point.
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