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  • ophthos ·
    Saw a thread about your cross members. Are you still making them and will they fit my 66 convertible? Stock 289 C4. I'm jacking up my car a lot to work on it and I like the jack plate on yours.

    Let me know if available and how much.


    Peter Fay
    Russstang ·
    Probably on here somewhere, but how do I go about getting one of our crossmembers? The one with the jacking pad.
    Eitelbj ·
    Zray, I am wanting to get one of the new low profile crossmembers with jacking pad for a 66 mustang.

    Also, do you happen to make spring compressors and/ or roller perches? I may be confusing you with another eBay seller.

    evantugby ·
    Zray, Need your advice: Consider this: Two identical 1966 fastbacks. One is an a-code. The other is a k-code. How much more value do you give the K-code? 10K, 15K? What dollar amount would you say?
    MrRon1 ·
    What do u think the value of 65 K code fastback, condition is rank 9 out of 10, with not a correct or numbers matching motor, the new motor has 3K on replacement.'
    Color is K code silver grey smoke, with 4 speed. restored in 93, 2 owner car, replaced cowl, qt-rs, and part floor. Any suggestion on value?
    drinkdrivegotojail ·
    Hi can you tell me more exactly what youre looking for with a coupe? I am getting ready to sell my 65, it has a T-5 and a 289. Has some rust in the floors that was repaired with some 80's techniques, but I've never been compelled to do anything with them. I've been driving it every day for about 7 years now.
    gimpystoy ·
    Ray: Now that I finally have drivetrain in. I find the I need a n extra 14" clearance for crossmember. What would be price fo(PP Friend) for one of your s(67 Stang), My bolts & concentrics are v-good(50,00 mi. parts.
    Shipping Zip :08088
    gimpystoy ·
    I should have been a little less lazy and searched on the Forum before I went through all those eBay msgs to talk to you about buying the cross member directly from you..
    I'll communicate with you through there. OK?
    HanShotFirst ·
    That's one of the nicest looking 289's I've ever seen...would you mind sharing specifics on what you've done to the engine. I love webber type look and I also like the old time paxton look so I haven't figured out what way I'm going with it...but wow when I got a look at the pic in your profile that certainly got me thinking about webbers again.
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