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      I have been researching the AFR 1472 165cc heads and the AFR 1402 165 cc heads. Both say they will fit all stock components with no other modifications. Looks like the combustion chamber size is a bit bigger on the 1472...60 cc compared to 58 cc. The only other difference I saw was the exhaust port location was raised on the 1472 and standard on the 1402.

      Airflow Research (AFR) 1402 - AFR 165cc SBF Outlaw Street Heads - Overview -

      Airflow Research (AFR) 1472 - AFR 165cc SBF Outlaw Street Heads - Overview -

      As mentioned above, my planned setup with Ebrock Performer RPM intake and shorty headers.....does everyone think these heads will be good with no mods?
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      Well guys, I certainly appreciate the spirit of this discussion and I'm glad it has been civil. I can't tell you how much I'm learning through this debate.

      I got to talk to my engine builder today. While he can't say for certain, he is fairly positive he used Silv-o-lite pistons that were probably flat topped...though he says he may have used dished. He couldn't be sure about the pistons being cut with either style but he wouldn't rule it out.

      When I mentioned I was looking at using the TW heads he immediately interrupted me and started talking about valve clearance. He has had several customers add TW heads and have clearance issues. Of course, that might have been avoided had they done some I'm attempting to do. On the other hand, he spoke very favorably of putting the AFR 165s on a SB Ford. He couldn't say enough about them.

      Now, as much as I like the TWs on paper, I just think it is smart to go with what the guy who built my engine likes. I'll probably never know the difference between the AFRs or TWs for my application anyways.

      That link provided above talking about mid-lift airflow was a good read. Of course everything varies on a given day, but I think it shows how close the two heads really are.

      Assuming I used the correct criteria, these are the two AFR 165 options I came to on Summit. Please feel free to double check for me. They appear the same except one will accept AIR injection. I'm guessing I don't want those!

      So, now that it looks like AFR 165s are the new final choice can I get any suggestions for rocker arms, nuts and head bolts? Anything else I should consider purchasing.
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      $1350 is a little on the high side, but given the current price spikes (185 Ren's are $3k+) id offer $1000, and settle at $1200. Spend $100 on an inspection, $ well invested unless you have the tools.
      The heads the OP posted are 165's and sell for slightly over $2k at Summit. AFR 185 Renegades list for the same price.

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